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The original preparation software for flying school and airline assessments!
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Pilot Assessment Preparation Software
Established in 2011, our preparation software has helped over 30,000 inexperienced and experienced pilots to prepare for a wide range of pilot assessments.

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Our Unique Features
New for 2024
Discover the unique features of our software which enable unparalleled preparation:
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Instant Activation
Purchase our preparation software using credit or debit card, establish your login credentials and gain immediate access, ensuring that you can start preparing for your assessment as fast as possible.
One-on-One Support
Benefit from quick, considered and empathetic one-on-one support, provided via WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Chat or Email, ensuring that you can get the most out of your preparation.
Built with Insight
Use our software, developed and refined over thirteen years by experienced commercial pilots and industry professionals, to ensure that you're ready to fly through your pilot assessments.
Simplified Pricing
Take advantage of simplified and reasonable pricing, purchasing access to all features of our software only for the duration that you require, and benefit from fair reduced-price renewal costs.
Up-to-date Preparation
Prepare in confidence, knowing that our software, which is regularly updated, can support your preparation for a variety of Airline, Flying School and Cadet Scheme pilot assessments.
No Install Required
Start using all features of our software within your web browser and when connected to the internet on a variety of devices without the installation of additional programs.
Just one subscription is all you need to access preparation for 100+ assessments!
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