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Using our software as an Experienced Pilot
Established in 2011, our preparation software has helped over 30,000 inexperienced and experienced pilots to prepare for a wide range of assessments.

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Key Benefits of our Software
Examine the benefits of using our software to prepare for assessment at Airlines:
Using our Activities
Benefit from access to 99+ activities, aiding preparation for all types of aptitude tests used in airline pilot assessments.

Whether you're preparing for assessments of Mathematics and Multitasking, readying yourself for testing on Complex Control and Cognitive Reasoning or improving your comprehension of Science and Spatial Awareness, use our wide variety of activities to prepare for any eventuality.

Developed to aid preparation for all computerised pilot aptitude tests used in pilot assessments at airlines around the world, our activities are accompanied with Explainer Videos, Visual Walkthroughs and comprehensive User Guides to provide unparalleled preparation.

Plus, further unique functionality such as Training Modes, Customisable Exams, full compatibility with iPad and in-depth feedback regarding your Performance will help you to gain the insight you need to fly past the competition!

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Understanding your Performance
Examine your performance in detail, day-by-day and hour-by-hour, readying you for an airline pilot assessment.

This software provides a comprehensive and wide-ranging assortment of feedback, from Real-Time Scoring and intuitive Colour-Coding, aiding in quick and easy comprehension of data, to the display and effortless navigation of your Day-by-Day performance.

Additional never-before-seen features such as the Strength & Weakness Map, which aids visualisation of data in an alternate way, and Improvement Rate Indicators, which provide easy-to-understand feedback on the speed of your improvement, helps to ensure you receive well-rounded insight in to your performance.

Plus, other unique features incorporated into our software, such as the ability to view your Improvement over time, to see your scoring in Hour-by-Hour and in chronological format, and to gain insight from the Predictive Scoring provided by CoPilot, all help to ensure you're ready for your pilot assessment.

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Engaging with the CoPilot Wizard
Use the unique functionality of CoPilot to fly past the competition in your airline pilot assessment.

Engage with Training Mode within an activity to receive Instant Feedback, view immediate and in-depth Explanations to answers, to disable and enable Tasks, increase or decrease the Speed of, or even pause gameplay and benefit from a Cheat Function where applicable.

Create a customised Preparation Strategy tailored to you, identifying Activities suitable for your preparation and establishing realistic Targets for you to achieve prior to your pilot assessment at an airline, ensuring you're ready for testing.

Discover your future performance with Predictive Scoring or activate CoPilot Mode in those activities which provide theoretical content, to tailor those questions provided to you in real-time, dependent on your ability, much in the same way that contemporary pilot aptitude tests do.

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Other Unique Features
Plus, take advantage of other included features, improving your chances of passing your airline pilot assessment.

Start using your Flight Joysticks, Yokes and Rudder Pedals immediately with activities contained within our software that incorporate hand-to-eye control, using our Plug-and-Play functionality and effortlessly adjust sensitivity or invert the axis of your controller from within an activity.

Easily establish and monitor Targets to be achieved, enabling you to surpass a specified Score, reach a defined level of Improvement or focus your preparation on an activity, or skill, for a desired amount of Time - or use the CoPilot Wizard to set realistic targets for you.

Benefit from a comprehensive and searchable User Guide, with detailed instruction provided for each activity, as well as a Guided Tour that will help you to rapidly familiarise yourself with the key functionality provided within our preparation software, ensuring you'll fly past the competition in your airline pilot assessment!

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Additional Benefits
Instant Activation
Purchase our preparation software using credit or debit card, establish your login credentials and gain immediate access, ensuring that you can start preparing for your assessment as fast as possible.
One-on-One Support
Benefit from quick, considered and empathetic one-on-one support, provided via WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Chat or Email, ensuring that you can get the most out of your preparation.
Built with Insight
Use our software, developed and refined over thirteen years by experienced commercial pilots and industry professionals, to ensure that you're ready to fly through your assessments.
Simplified Pricing
Take advantage of simplified and reasonable pricing, purchasing access to all features of our software only for the duration that you require, and benefit from fair reduced-price renewal costs.
Up-to-date Preparation
Prepare in confidence, knowing that our software, which is regularly updated, can support your preparation for a variety of Airline, Flying School and Cadet Scheme assessments.
No Install Required
Start using all features of our software within your web browser and when connected to the internet on a variety of devices without the installation of additional programs.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I prepare for different pilot assessments at multiple airlines with one subscription?

Yes, you require only one subscription to our preparation software to enable you to access a broad and comprehensive assortment of preparation materials for over one-hundred different assessments with Airlines, Flying Schools and Cadet Schemes.

A subscription may be purchased to access our preparation software for one week, one month or three months.

To purchase a subscription to our software and start preparing for your pilot assessment at an airline, click here!

Will engaging with this software guarantee that I will be successful at my pilot assessment?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your success at a pilot assessment.

However, we consider that the preparation software we provide and that guidance we offer is arguably the most comprehensive and supportive that can be found, thus enabling you to prepare effectively for your pilot assessment and fly past the competition!

Is this software kept up-to-date?

Yes, we regularly update our software to ensure that the material provided is relevant to your preparation for a pilot assessment.

We also take great care to ensure that appropriate guidance and instruction is provided, delivered on a one-to-one basis, to each customer, helping them to gain the most from our software and elevate their chances of success.

If you'd like to speak with us regarding the suitability of our preparation software for your pilot assessment, please contact us.

Can I use this software on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you may use our preparation software on your iPad, iPhone or Android device when preparing for the pilot assessment that you will be undertaking for an airline.

Our software is accessible on these devices directly from your web browser, requiring no download or installation of applications.

Note: To make use of those more complex activities included within our software, a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels is required - e.g. Apple iPad or similar.

Do I need to download or install this software?

Our software does not need to be downloaded or installed.

You may engage with, and benefit from, our software within a web browser such as Google Chrome on your PC, Mac, iOS (iPhone and iPad) or Android device.

An internet connection is required to use this software.

How quickly can I start preparing for my pilot assessment with this software?

If you anticipate being invited to a pilot assessment or selection process with an airline, you may start using our software in as little as a few minutes.

To get started, choose a subscription duration to our preparation software, create an account and complete your purchase - then, login and get preparing!

This process typically takes between 2-3 minutes and payment made by credit or debit card is securely processed with Stripe.

If there is a question or something that I don't understand, can I speak to someone?

Yes, when using our software to ready yourself for a pilot assessment with an airline, we'll be available to provide comprehensive support when you need it.

We provide one-on-one text-based support to each client on WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Chat and via email from 9AM to 9PM GMT, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

During these hours of operation, we'll aim to respond to requests and questions within 20-30 minutes, offering quick, considered and empathetic guidance to ensure that you get the most out of your preparation prior to your pilot assessment.

Just one subscription is all you need to start preparing for your airline assessment!
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