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The web-based application covers many aspects of the aptitude tests set by flight training organisations and is very accurate to the smallest details.

The different activities and practise tests are very easy to use and user friendly, and as a cadet myself, I would definitely use this service. It’s a very useful and incredibly beneficial service that will help you when preparing yourself for aptitude tests.

PAT is very useful to all ranges of pilots. I was really pleased with the layout of the website, and it contains all the useful information that is required for any assessment or pilot aptitude test.

Ashish P

Using PAT has proved to be invaluable, it has given me the confidence I was looking for before doing my post-ATPL aptitude test and maths exam.

Jack M

I would just like to say what a great set up! The website offers all the exercises needed to practice and develop the skill sets that will be required in the FTO’s selection process and the ‘easy to use’ layout of the website allows easy navigation through the website. The time and effort spent on providing support to candidates going through selection like myself has not gone unnoticed.

Sam D

PAT really helped me to prepare for CTC selection. The Command, Control and Memory activities were particularly useful and I think it has really made a difference. Excellent site, and I would recommend it to all pilots.

Richard H

I searched many websites, tried many sample tests, but nothing comes close to or beats PAT. The questions provide good help in polishing maths and science skill at the same time. I have been using this for 4 months and found it extremely helpful.

Alex T

I have been practising for my upcoming CTC Wings aptitude test. I had taken some mock tests and not done so well before but after using this software I have improved leaps and bounds with my reactions, maths skills, observation etc. I think this is a brilliant piece of software and would definitely recommend it.

Karan K

Following being invited to two airline interviews I realised the importance of being prepared as much as possible. I decided to subscribe to PAT Super Plus and I can say with full confidence that it has been a tremendous help to me. Not only will it build your confidence, but it will significantly improve your performance in tests that current airlines are using.

Alasdair C

Your website is amazing! It truly has helped me prepare for an Assessment Day in the coming weeks. I feel more confident day by day and have reassurance in passing the aptitude tests. Since joining, my maths skills have improved which has been my weakest subject….I will certainly recommend your website to friends and family! Keep up the great work.

Harry M

By far the best! I have a COMPASS pilot assessment coming up to get into an FTO and you are helping me so much I love it!

Thomas M

The online tests have greatly increased my confidence in my ability to pass the aptitude section of my upcoming FTO assessment. The tests seem similar to those I am expecting during my selection process, and the results section gives you a clear indication of how your results stack up against other users as well as your own improvement over time. Overall verdict: Worth the money!

Andrew W

I used PAT for my CTC assessment and got through that stage and I believe practising on PAT really did help to improve my chances. This is the second time I have bought a subscription as I am now applying at Oxford through the BA FPP and have chosen to practise for the assessment on PAT again. Thank you!

Heather M

PAT has been a massive help to me in preparing for my assessment and has given me a major confidence boost in the lead up to my selection date. I find it particularly useful for the hand-eye co-ordination tests which are so hard to come across elsewhere. I find it hard to imagine what it would have been like to go into an assessment without having done these tests because I now realise how far off I probably was from passing.

Samir B

I’ve used other practice software but it lacks the complexity of PAT, I think that the combined hand-eye coordination and calculating is very useful. I also found the activities much better than the similar test offered by the competitor, because the other calculates the elapsed time only…Overall, I found the site very useful and one thing is for sure, I will recommend PAT.

Balazs F

Great website, really easy to use and clear instructions are given on how to complete each test. The tests were very similar if not the same as the tests I encountered in my assessment. Found it was a great advantage in my preparation for my assessment day with CTC Wings. I would recommend this website to anyone who is going for an assessment day for any airline program.

Hannah B

Having completed all of my training a while ago, I have to say this is an excellent website to use before any skills test and it’s a shame it wasn’t up and running a few years ago. For anyone looking to have a career in aviation, this is a must use tool with clear instructions on every exercise which are well laid out and very user-friendly.

Joe S

I have been using PAT Testing exclusively for my upcoming cadet interview with a major airline….I am pleased to say that I have passed all the exams and know for sure that It was only possible by using PAT and all of my tests for the cadet interview were exactly as on PAT. Moving from my computer to the classroom. No worries at all. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to pass.

Andrew J

PAT was invaluable in helping me prepare for selection with CTC. Their website is easy to use and their staff are so helpful with any questions you may have. I’m so glad I found this site!

Dan R

The software provided was remarkably similar to the tests I have recently completed for a major UK airline, and thus proved an invaluable resource in my preparation. Particularly helpful for me was the memory recall activity, which seemed difficult at first, but regular practice made the actual test seem very basic. With the guidance of this exceptional software, I have passed all the necessary flying aptitude tests and look forward to commencing pilot training later this year.

Nic B

I have just passed the Hong Kong pilot written test and I found that bearings and memory were extremely useful for the real test. As I was already familiar with the bearing questions, it saved me lots of time when doing the real test. The memory test also trained my multi-tasking skills which were vital in passing the pilot written test.

Wong L

PilotAptitudeTest.com’s wide range of tests meant I was fully prepared for the first assessment stage of the British Airways Future Pilot Programme and as a result I was successful through to the final stage!

Duncan M

I’ve been looking for a website that would help me pass the entrance tests, this website was very useful for my career. A huge thanks to the developers of PAT.

Sariyev S

The layout of each of the tests were a great help when it came to my aptitude test. This site certainly helped me get ready and without it I don’t know if I would have passed the test. Thanks again.

Matt W

In short, I’m thoroughly impressed with this website and I’m not going to use it just for assessment at an FTO, but it will also be a great brush up exercise for any airline assessments when the time comes.

Ally F

PilotAptitudeTest.com were extremely supportive when I experienced hardware complications – great customer service!

Richard D

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