Details information regarding new features, enhancements and bug fixes.
Changelog Preamble

This changelog is a detailed record of all changes, including new features, enhancements and bug fixes, that have taken place across our preparation programme and is ordered chronologically.


v2.2 – September 2021

Refinement of explanations provided for Numerical Reasoning 1 to 8 (Customer Request)
Updated Frequently Asked Questions (Creation of ‘Perfecting your JoyToKey Configuration’ guide for troublesome input devices.)

Miscellaneous Improvements/Bug Fixes for:

Spin (Joystick Fidelity)
Align (UI)
Orientation (UI)
MultiTasker (UI)

v2.1 – August 2019 is acquired by Jupiter Aviation Technology Ltd.

v2 – January 2017

Updated Frequently Asked Questions (Inclusion of Shortcuts and refinement of information.)
Addition: Spin Psychometric Activity
Addition: Align Psychometric Activity

v1.9 – November 2016

Addition: 75 Questions for Verbal Reasoning (Styled on CEB/Cut-E)

v1.8 – October 2016

Addition: Grid Psychometric Activity
Addition: Stroop Psychometric Activity
Updated User Guide (Customer Request)
Addition: 80 Questions for Verbal Reasoning
Addition: 160 Questions for Numerical Reasoning

v1.7 – June 2016

Redevelopment of Tracking (improved UI, modified anti-cheat mechanism)
Redevelopment of Guidance (improved UI)
Redeveloped Randomisation Mechanism for the delivery of theoretical content (Customer Request)

v1.6 – April 2016

Bug fix: Orientation bug fixed that would show both enemy and friend at same distance and orientation.

v1.5 – March 2016

Addition: Knowledgebase
Addition: Visual Reasoning Activity 3
Addition: Visual Reasoning Activity 4
Addition: 50 New Maths Questions (Medium & Hard Difficulty)
Moved PAT to new dedicated server, resulted in decreased loading times.

v1.4 – February 2016

Addition: Adjust Psychometric Activity

v1.3 – January 2016

Addition: Aspects Psychometric Activity