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Our Distributors
Our online preparation software can be purchased instantly online through this website, however our software is also distributed offline by a variety of industry-leading partners.

These industry-leaders partners distribute our online preparation software either in a retail environment or inclusive of a pilot training course. If you would like to become a distributor of what is widely considered to be the best online tool for pilot aptitude test preparation, please contact us to enquire.
Pooleys Flight Equipment, UK
Pooleys is a family owned and operated business, founded by Robert Pooley on leaving the Royal Air Force in 1957. Now selling over 2500 products worldwide including many of the worlds most recognisable aviation brands. Over the years, Pooleys has become a well respected name in the aviation industry, not just in the UK but globally, as a leading manufacturer and publisher of aviation, pilot training and flight equipment. Our online preparation software is distributed both in-store and online with Pooleys Flight Equipment.

Flight Deck Wingman, UK
Flight Deck Wingman have extensive experience assisting aspiring pilots, current commercial pilots and military pilots as they seek out that dream job on the flight deck. All of the Wingman team are hugely experienced pilots, and together with a range of training and services, they will ensure that you are fully equipped to give yourself the very best chance of being successful. With approximately 99% of their clients reaching and passing the interview and group exercise stages of an assessment, Flight Deck Wingman are confident that they are amongst the best application assessment preparation companies in the business.

ToBeAPilot.co.uk, UK
Founded 10 years ago, ToBeAPilot.co.uk has one simple ambition – to become the ‘go-to’ place for aspiring pilots. Providing advice, support and motivation for pilots wishing to pursue flying both as a career and recreationally, ToBeAPilot.co.uk was founded by pilots from a broad range of aviation backgrounds. They hope to continue providing encouragement and useful information for aspiring pilots to pursue their ambitions for many more years to come.

Motion Flight Training, UK
Located in Gatwick, Motion Flight Training is a simulator training company that provides services on both fixed-base and full-motion flight simulators. Specifically, Motion Flight Training provide LPC Revalidation, Jet Orientation Courses, Refresher Training and Airline Simulator Preparation courses, all of which are delivered in-house by experienced London-based airline trainers and pilots at a dedicated centre minutes from Gatwick airport.
KC The Pilot Blog, Europe
Established by an airline pilot who undertook the modular route to obtain his commercial pilots licence in just 12 months, the KC The Pilot Blog seeks to share tips, advice and first-hand experiences that aim to help pilots that are pursuing the cost-effective route of EASA modular flight training in Europe. A YouTube channel with in-depth explanations on every step of the modular flight training journey further supports the blog and a newly-released book, ‘How to Become a Pilot in Europe: Complete Training Guide’ provides considerable insight into the challenges and hurdles that must be overcome to successfully get into the right-hand seat.

UKFlying, UK
UKFlying was set up in 2015 to assist military pilots with their transition into the commercial aviation industry. Having become established as the UK military licence specialists, UKFlying began to assist aspiring commercial pilots with gaining and maintaining professional licences. The UKFlying website and social media pages now keep pilots abreast of regulation changes for both CAA and EASA Flight Crew Licences. UKFlying also assist numerous flying organisations, military units and defence companies with licensing requirements for their pilots.

Flightdeck Consulting, Australia
Flightdeck Consulting began operations in 2006 in Sydney, Australia. Founded by former Cathay Pacific pilots with the aim of assisting the next generation of airline pilots further their careers. Having successfully helped thousands of pilots achieve their dreams of flying for the airlines through their books, DVD’s and one on one coaching sessions, the company now manages and contracts aircrew for foreign airlines. Our online preparation software is distributed to clients undergoing their various courses.

Aviation Insider, UK
Aviation Insider aims to provide a comprehensive package of products and services that enable a pilot to manage their career from start to finish. Whether you’re “thinking about becoming a pilot” or looking to get your command, Aviation Insider provide quality training via their website and app which consists of online courses from question banks, flashcards and ATPL revision content, to managing all simulator-based training that may be required throughout the life of a pilot’s career. This is all supported by a team of highly respected aviation professionals and pilots. Aviation Insider also offer a completely free online pilot logbook that looks and feels exactly like the ones you pay hundreds a year for.

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If you would like to become a distributor of what is widely considered to be the best online tool for pilot aptitude test preparation, please contact us to enquire.

Distributors of our online preparation software benefit from our reputation as the best way to prepare for pilot aptitude tests, and are also afforded exposure through mentions in press releases, social media and directly to our account-holders through associated marketing.