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BA Euroflyer (2023)

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A wholly-owned subsidiary of British Airways, BA Euroflyer is a new airline in the UK that provides scheduled international services from London Gatwick Airport. The airline utilises a computerised pilot aptitude test to assess both qualified and unqualified (ab-initio) pilots. Note: Assessment for BA Cityflyer is the same as that used for BA Euroflyer and British Airways.

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Preparation Advice

All pilot aptitude tests aim to assess the same key core skills required to complete pilot training successfully and/or operate an aircraft competently. The assessment of skills such as multi-tasking, spatial awareness, memory capacity, hand-to-eye coordination and mental arithmetic cannot necessarily be assessed within one test and therefore a pilot aptitude test is commonly separated in to a collection of tests, organised in to a battery and completed by the candidate in one sitting. The candidate is commonly provided with two attempts in which to complete this battery, enabling assessors to analyse improvement shown by the candidate.

BA Euroflyer utilises an extensive selection process which incorporates the assessment of Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Logical Reasoning, as well as the incorporation of a unique proprietary computerised pilot aptitude test known as the Eagle Test.

Experienced Pilot Candidates that are applying to BA Euroflyer, BA Cityflyer and British Airways may utilise the activities provided by to familiarise themselves with the mechanisms and methods of assessment, to improve their understanding of the function of the test areas (Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and the ‘Eagle Test’) and to improve their chances of success within assessment itself.

Since our inception in 2012, a substantial number of candidates attending the Direct Entry Pilot Assessment at British Airways, BA Cityflyer and BA Euroflyer have gained benefit from the online preparation software provided by and we would encourage candidates to speak with us via WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Chat or Email so that we may be able to answer any queries you may have.

A break-down of the areas of the BA Direct Entry Pilot Assessment for 2023 (suitable also for BA Euroflyer and BA Cityflyer), and our recommended preparation strategy, is provided below:

Numerical Reasoning: the ability to examine and make decisions based on numerical data, often provided in tables, graphs and charts.
Use our Numerical Reasoning databases, separated in to two styles of examination and containing a variety of different question types to familiarise yourself with this common examination type. Answers and feedback are provided. We also recommend utilising our Maths (Mental Arithmetic) database to help familiarise yourself with common mathematical questions and equations. The questions within this database are organised in to easy, medium and hard difficulties.
Verbal Reasoning: the ability to understand, analyze and logically interpret written information.
Use our Verbal Reasoning databases, containing a collection of different passages to practice in a style similar to that presented in verbal reasoning examinations conducted online. Answers and feedback are provided.
Logical Reasoning: the ability to observe facts (often presented visually as patterns or images), identify the rules that govern these facts and apply these rules.
Use Visual Reasoning 1 to 4, to familiarise yourself with the various style of logical reasoning examinations. In addition, use our ‘Grid’ activity to further your abilities in identifying rules within visual images. Answers and feedback are provided.
The ‘Eagle Test’: a mock cockpit requiring the utilisation of a variety of skills to communicate with ATC, identify threats and monitor systems.
Use our ‘Adjust’ activity to familiarise yourself with an environment which demands a variety of competencies, as assessed by the ‘Eagle Test’ at BA. Utilise also our ‘Flight Director’ and ‘MultiTasker’ activities to further improve the above competencies and ready yourself for assessment.

Due to the anticipated interest in roles available at British Airways, BA Euroflyer and BA Cityflyer, we anticipate that the selection process will seek to select the highest performing individuals only – we therefore highly recommend ensuring a suitable preparation strategy is used by any candidates undergoing assessment.

Should you be unsure as to how to proceed with your preparation, please get in touch.

Activities suitable for BA Euroflyer Preparation

We recommend using the content shown below in coordination with our Online Preparation Planners in preparation for assessment with BA Euroflyer.

A Super Plus Subscription can be purchased instantly online and will provide access to the content shown below:

Flight Director
This highly accurate test simultaneously assesses and enhances multi-tasking, hand-to-eye coordination and memory capacity skills.
A challenging activity, Adjust assesses multi-tasking, spatial awareness, hand-to-eye coordination, selective attention and mental mathematic skills.
Encompassing multiple tasks in to one activity, MultiTasker assesses and enhances candidate ability in multi-tasking, hand-to-eye coordination and selective attention
Maths (Mental Arithmetic)
Our mathematics database, organised in to easy, medium and hard difficulties, accurately mimics the questions posed in a large majority of pilot aptitude tests.
Num Reasoning (Type 1)
Numerical Reasoning 1 analyses your ability to interpret information, using figures, tables, graphs and statistics and come to conclusions on the data, just like CEB.
Num Reasoning (Type 2)
Numerical Reasoning 2 analyses your ability to interpret information, using figures, tables, graphs and statistics and come to conclusions on the data, just like Cut-E.
Verbal Reasoning (Type 1)
Our verbal reasoning content, organised by excerpt, accurately mimics the questions posed in a large majority of pilot aptitude and psychometric tests, including CEB/SHL, Talent Q, COMPASS and Cut-E.
Verbal Reasoning (Type 2)
Our verbal reasoning content, with multiple passages per test, accurately mimics the questions posed in a large majority of pilot aptitude and psychometric tests, including CEB/SHL, Talent Q and Cut-E.
Visual (Logical) Reasoning 1
Visual Reasoning 1 requires the candidate to utilise problem-solving skills to observe, identify and replicate rules within visual data.
Visual (Logical) Reasoning 2
Visual Reasoning 2 requires the candidate to identify a pattern and route from a collection of images by selecting from four available options.
Visual (Logical) Reasoning 3
Visual Reasoning 3 presents cube nets with each panel containing a symbol. Candidate must identify which cube net relates to the three-dimensional cube.
Visual (Logical) Reasoning 4
Visual Reasoning 4 presents four images each containing numerous scrambled lines and tasks the candidate with identifying which image hides a shape within.

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