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PAT CoPilot is the companion application for PilotAptitudeTest.com candidates, enabling you to access theoretical content on the go with Android and iOS devices.

About The App
The ideal partner to your web browser-based preparation, PAT CoPilot is the companion application for PilotAptitudeTest.com candidates that enables you to take your subscription on the go with mobile devices. The application can be installed on Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices, providing you with the opportunity to access a broad variety of optimised content relevant to your level of access. To see the features of this companion application, and the optimised content available to you, please see below.

Unlike other preparation programs, our iOS and Android apps are free to use, meaning you can access our optimised content on the go without the need to pay additional unnecessary costs.

Included features:

  • Access all theoretical questions with clear, concise explanations and feedback given.
  • Flag questions on the go, and revisit questions flagged both on computer and mobile device.
  • Monitor psychometric performance, demonstrated with colour-coded bar graph and textual information.
  • Instantly see your performance change over a period of 72 hours with a simple percentage figure, i.e. +16%.

Included theoretical content:
  • Word Problems
  • Algebraic Equations
  • Currency Conversion
  • Complex Division, Subtraction, Multiplication & Addition
  • Mean & Mode Estimations
  • Speed, Distance & Time Equations
  • Powers & Roots
  • Decimals, Cubes & Squares
  • Rapid Mental Maths & Number Series
  • Force, Motion & Energy
  • Electricity, Radiation & Magnetism
  • Scientific Equations & Definitions
  • Earth, Atmosphere & Universe
  • Thermodynamics
  • Waves
  • Mechanics
  • Atoms
Other Activities
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Technical Reasoning
  • Aviation Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our CoPilot App
Do I need a subscription to use it?
To use the CoPilot companion application, you must be an active account-holder of our preparation programme. Content and functionality, such as the ability to flag questions and monitor your psychometric and psychomotor progress are level-dependent.
Can I use CoPilot offline?
The CoPilot companion application must have internet access at all times, to enable you to use the full-breadth of functionality and access the wide range of content developed and optimised for Android and iOS platforms on both tablet and mobile.
Is the content provided different?
The content provided on the CoPilot companion application mirrors that available to your level of access on our website. Therefore, the content provided to you will vary dependent on your level of access purchased.
Can I access psychomotor activities?
We have elected to prevent access to psychomotor or psychometric activities on the CoPilot companion application, as in our opinion, candidates will gain nothing from preparing for a hand-to-eye coordination activity on a touchscreen device.
What can I access on CoPilot?
Active account-holders can access all theoretical questions on the CoPilot companion application, and have the ability to flag questions to revisit and retake at a later date, as well as view psychometric and psychomotor progress.
How much is the CoPilot app?
The web application is provided with all subscriptions to our preparation platform. To access your content on the CoPilot companion application, you must be an existing account-holder of our preparation programme.

To start preparing, visit our website on laptop or desktop computer to purchase a subscription from as little as $20.
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To start preparing, purchase a subscription from as little as $20 and join over 30,000 pilot candidates who have used our software.

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