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FTE Jerez

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FTE Jerez, a flight training organisation located in Jerez, Spain, provides both modular and integrated flight training courses. Candidates are required to successfully complete a pilot aptitude test prior to joining the integrated flight training course at FTE Jerez.

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Preparation Advice

All pilot aptitude tests aim to assess the same key core skills required to complete pilot training successfully and/or operate an aircraft competently. The assessment of skills such as multi-tasking, spatial awareness, memory capacity, hand-to-eye coordination and mental arithmetic cannot necessarily be assessed within one test and therefore a pilot aptitude test is commonly separated in to a collection of tests, organised in to a battery and completed by the candidate in one sitting. The candidate is commonly provided with two attempts in which to complete this battery, enabling assessors to analyse improvement shown by the candidate.

FTE Jerez has traditionally utilised a computerised pilot aptitude test to assess candidates as a precursor to joining their Airline First Officer Programme and for Cadet Schemes such as the previously operated BA Cityflyer MAPS (Mentored Airline Pilot Scheme) and the newly-opened BA Speedbird Pilot Academy scheme.

As of 2022, FTE Jerez currently utilise the Aon (Cut-E, MAPTQ) assessment to assess candidates.

The assessment incorporates a variety of tests which assess a large number of competencies. The tests used may be named differently to those tests you may have encountered in the past and may cause some confusion (e.g. ‘Monitoring Ability’ and ‘Sense of Direction’).

We have therefore taken this information and have decoded the jargon to help candidates to understand how they will be assessed, and to provide direction on the best activities to use within our preparation platform:

Deductive Logical Thinking
This is the asssessment of candidate ability to identify Rules and Patterns. Activities suitable for this are: ‘Visual Reasoning’ 1 to 4 and ‘Grid’
Monitoring Ability
This is the assessment of Long-Term Concentration and Information Processing. Activities suitable for this are: ‘Adjust’ and ‘Grid’.
Reaction Speed
This is the assessment of Reaction Speed. Activities suitable for this are those that incorporate the assessment of reaction speed: ‘Memory’, ‘Flight Director’ and ‘MultiTasker’
Sense of Direction
This is the assessment of Spatial Awareness, in particular the assessment of candidate skill in understanding an object’s position in 2D or 3D space.

Activities suitable for this are: ‘Bearings’, ‘Orientation’, ‘Perspectives’ and ‘Aspects’.

Multi-Tasking Capability
This is the assessment of Multi-Tasking, in particular the assessment of candidate skill in identifying items in compliance with a defined rule, avoiding obstacles and undertaking calculations or similar cognitive tasks.

Activities suitable for this are: ‘MultiTasker’, ‘Adjust’ and ‘Align’.

Hand-to-Eye Coordination
As suggested, this is the assessment of Hand-to-Eye Coordination, or how effective your Motor Skills are.

Activities suitable for this are: ‘Spin’, ‘Tracking’, ‘Control’ and ‘Guidance’.

Working Memory
This is the assessment of Memory with particular reference to short-term memory recall and ability to utilise information recalled in cognitive tasks.

Activities suitable for this are: ‘Memory’ and ‘Adjust’.

As of September 2023, FTE Jerez will be conducting testing of pilot candidates for Stage 2 of the BA Speedbird Pilot Academy scheme in partnership with British Airways. To learn more about the best activities on to use in advance of your assessment for this particular scheme, click here.

The online preparation software provided by has been traditionally used by a substantial number of FTE Jerez candidates attending assessment. It should be noted that the pilot aptitude test used by FTE Jerez to assess potential candidates bares similarity to that used by Leading Edge, L3 Harris and Skyborne.

Should you be unsure as to how to proceed with your preparation, please get in touch.

Additionally, we would encourage candidates to speak with us via WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Chat or Email so that we may be able to answer any queries you may have.

Activities suitable for FTE Jerez Preparation

We recommend using the content shown below in coordination with our Online Preparation Planners to tailor your preparation specifically for the FTE Jerez assessment.

A Super Plus Subscription can be purchased instantly online and will provide access to the content shown below:

A challenging activity, Adjust assesses multi-tasking, spatial awareness, hand-to-eye coordination, selective attention and mental mathematic skills.
Visual Reasoning 1 to 4
Our Visual Reasoning activities enable candidates to work on understanding rules, patterns and interrogating information.
Orientation assesses spatial awareness and selective attention skills, by tasking candidates with identifying friend or foe aircraft.
Perspectives assesses and enhances spatial awareness, tasking the candidate with matching sets of multicoloured cylinders orientated in to different perspectives.
Mimicking tasks within a jet aircraft, Aspects assesses and enhances candidate ability in spatial awareness by incorporating aural statements and visual imagery.
Encompassing multiple tasks in to one activity, MultiTasker assesses and enhances candidate ability in multi-tasking, hand-to-eye coordination and selective attention.
Tracking assesses and enhances candidate multi-tasking and hand-to-eye coordination skills with the use of two control axes controlled by opposing inputs.
Memory assesses selective attention and memory capacity skills, tasking the candidate with efficiently memorising and inputting four sets of data repeatedly.
Control assesses and enhances candidate ability in hand-to-eye coordination and selective attention using multiple control axes and visual cues.
Switch establishes an understanding of memory capacity and selective attention skills, tasking the candidate with efficiently acknowledging change.
Tasking the candidate with controlling multiple intermittently changing datums, Guidance assesses and enhances selective attention and hand-to-eye coordination skills.
Bearings assesses user understanding of their position in physical space, known as spatial awareness, using common flight instruments.
Rectangular grid containing a variety of different coloured shapes. The candidate must examine the grid and determine which shape does not represent the provided values.
Flight Director
This highly accurate test simultaneously assesses and enhances multi-tasking, hand-to-eye coordination and memory capacity skills.
Multi-tasking activity with three different activities which must be monitored and successfully completed simultaneously. Horizontal and vertical control mode are provided for practice.
Rotating tube containing a variety of different two-dimensional shapes, which must be correctly navigated (or flown through) to ensure continued progression through the tube.

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