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99+ Activities
Benefit from access to a comprehensive collection of activities, aiding preparation for all types of aptitude tests.

Whether you're preparing for assessment at an Airline, readying yourself for assessment at a Flying School or anticipating invitation to assessment within a Cadet Scheme, use our wide variety of activities to prepare for any eventuality.

Developed to aid preparation for all computerised pilot aptitude tests used in pilot assessments around the world, our activities are accompanied with Explainer Videos, Visual Walkthroughs and comprehensive User Guides to provide unparalleled preparation.

Plus, further unique functionality such as Training Modes, full compatibility with iPad and in-depth feedback regarding your Performance will help you to gain the insight you need to fly past the competition!

Activities by Airline, Flying School, Cadet Scheme or Aptitude Test
Effortlessly navigate to, and quickly find, those activities appropriate for your particular preparation, with activities sorted in to suitability for differing Aptitude Tests and for assessments undertaken at Organisations, or for the improvement of a specified Skill prior to assessment.
Accessible on Computer, iPad or Smartphone
Extensive development ensures that significant functionality provided in our preparation software can be used on a multitude of differing devices.

Whether you're comfortably using a Computer at home, an Apple iPad at a café or a Smartphone on your commute, using our software can continue uninterrupted.
In-depth Explanations
Our software provides detailed explanations for theoretical questions, providing step-by-step breakdowns for equations and additional context to technical or scientific questions, helping you to grow your understanding and expedite learning.

Explanations are accessible both during examination when engaging with Training Mode, and following completion.
1000s of Questions
Whether you're readying yourself for the assessment of Mathematics, upgrading your comprehension of Mechanical Reasoning or supercharging your understanding of Science, you'll benefit from over 3,000 questions provided within our software, helping you to fly past the competition!

Plus, uniquely benefit from databases of mathematical questioning styled on those posed in differing Aptitude Tests.
Plus, benefit from the following included features:
English Language
T'as-tu compris? Érted? Förstår du? Do you understand?

Improve your comprehension of the English Language with six different activities, ensuring that whether you're improving your understanding of Spelling and Synonyms, or Grammar and Idioms, using our software ensures that you'll be ready for assessment.

Plus, engage with our Attention activity to improve your ability to comprehend spoken word, identifying pertinent aspects of Air Traffic Control transmissions such as Flight Levels, Headings, Altitudes, Callsigns, Waypoints and more!
ATPL Knowledge
Whether you'd like to brush-up on Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems, gain a better understanding of Engines & Propulsion or get to grips with Performance & Planning, our software will give you the necessary tools to refresh your knowledge and ready yourself for a technical interview.

And, benefit the same brilliant functionality that supports our other theoretical content, such as Training Mode, in-depth and extensive Explanations, the ability to set Targets to achieve, and so much more!

Organised into the following topic areas:
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Engines & Propulsion
  • Flight Operations
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Performance & Planning
Mechanical Reasoning
Improve your comprehension of mechanical reasoning with questions styled on real assessments.

Whether you'd like to brush-up on Gears or Gravity & Energy, gain a better understanding of Springs or get to grips with Balancing Scales, our software will help you to familiarise yourself with this subject area.

Plus, benefit from the same features which support our other theoretical content.

Organised into the following topic areas:
  • Pulleys
  • Gears
  • Springs
  • Levers
  • Balancing Scales
  • Gravity & Energy
  • Hydraulics
  • Friction
  • Pressure
Training Mode
Get instant feedback, change the pace or difficulty of activities and take control of your preparation.

Engage with Training Mode within an activity to receive Instant Feedback, view immediate and in-depth Explanations to answers, increase or decrease the Speed of, or even pause gameplay.

Manipulate your testing environment by disabling or enabling Tasks to reduce or increase difficulty, and even enable activation of a Cheat Function, where applicable, to motivate your preparation.

Comprehensive Instruction
Learn fast with in-depth instruction, guidance and extensive explanations, providing the insight you need.

Extensive guidance and support is provided throughout this software, with each activity supported by comprehensive instruction, displayed in an easy-to-navigate pop-up separated in to tabs and accessible from many parts of the software.

Additionally, instructions are complimented by Visual Walkthroughs which allow interpretation of the activities from a different perspective, Explainer Videos which demonstrate the tasks and requirements of the activities, and where applicable, Examples.

Plus, you'll be able to rapidly familiarise yourself with our preparation software by engaging with a Guided Tour that highlights the key functionality that you'll be using to prepare for your pilot assessment.

Explainer Videos
Elevate your preparation to new heights with videos that discuss and demonstrate our activities.

Our software provides narrated instructional Explainer Videos which offer an alternate method to learning about activities, their objectives and gameplay, ensuring that you gain the insight needed to pass your pilot assessment.

Accessible on Computer, Tablet and Smartphone, this functionality provides easy-to-understand descriptions, step-by-step examples and descriptions, and where applicable, discussion of the particular functionalities of the Training Mode for each activity.

Using this feature of our software in co-ordination with the reading of our Instruction and the viewing of Visual Walkthroughs assures effective preparation for your pilot assessment.

Visual Walkthroughs
Use this unique functionality to easily gain a different perspective on our activities.

Our software provides Visual Walkthroughs that offer information regarding the elements and objectives of each activity in both Normal Mode and Training Mode, where applicable.

Provided in bitesize amounts of information, accessed simply by hovering over a Dark Blue Dot and overlaid on a real-life screenshot of an activity, this functionality enables easy and fast comprehension of any activity, without being overwhelmed.

This feature is particularly suitable for those individuals who prefer to learn by viewing imagery (also known as 'Visual Learners' ), ensuring that our preparation software can ready everyone for their pilot assessment.

Customisable Exams
Customise the length, depth and breadth of your preparation.

Use Customisation Mode within those activities which simulate theoretical exams to customise the Duration, Quantity and Types of questions displayed in the exam, enabling you to focus your preparation, target your weaknesses and rapidly turn them in to strengths.

Enable or disable CoPilot Mode to tailor questions in real-time dependent on your ability, to re-enforce preparation and thus improve your chances of success.

This functionality is available on Computer, Tablet and Smartphone, ensuring that you're able to fine-tune your preparation, irrespective of where you are or the device you're using.

Extensive Feedback
Examine your performance in detail, day-by-day and hour-by-hour.

This software provides a comprehensive and wide-ranging assortment of feedback, from Real-Time Scoring and intuitive Colour-Coding, aiding in quick and easy comprehension of data, to the display and effortless navigation of your Day-by-Day performance.

Additional never-before-seen features such as the Strength & Weakness Map, which aids visualisation of data in an alternate way, and Improvement Rate Indicators, which provide easy-to-understand feedback on the speed of your improvement, helps to ensure you receive well-rounded insight in to your performance.

Feedback regarding your performance is provided Overall, for each Activity you use and every Skill you improve. This data is easily accessible from within many parts of our software and our easy-to-navigate User Interface provides clarity on your performance.

Plus, other unique features incorporated into our software, such as the ability to view your Improvement over time, to see your scoring in Hour-by-Hour and in chronological format, and to gain insight from the Predictive Scoring provided by CoPilot, all help to ensure you're ready for your pilot assessment.

Learn more about the following features, unique to our software:
Standardised Scoring
Benefit from standardised scoring, providing easier-to-understand feedback.

Surpass the basic and overly simplistic Stanine Graph scoring often provided in other less-effective preparation softwares with our unique, easily understood and standardised scoring system.

Within our system, scoring achieved overall and within each activity is displayed using a simple coloured number, facilitating both instant and easily-comprehendible understanding of, and providing context to, your performance.
Predictive Scoring
Discover your future scores and adjust your strategy with CoPilot.

Predict your future successes with the aid of functionality provided by CoPilot, enabling you to gain greater awareness of your progress and performance.

Displayed both overall and for each activity, this function will predict the scoring that may be achieved after fourteen days of engagement with our preparation software, shown in an easy-to-read Progress Bar.
Scoring presented in Red, Yellow and Green helps add context to your performance.

Whether you're examining your Overall Score, interpreting your pace with the Improvement Rate Indicators or evaluating your efforts in a particular activity, colour-coding provided in our software helps to add context to your performance and progress.

In particular, colourisation of your scoring provides you with the opportunity to instantly compare your scoring with that of your cohort, employing a method similar to that commonly used in computerised pilot aptitude testing known as Norm-Referenced Testing.
And, explore these particularly beneficial features in more detail:
Performance Overview
Easily and effectively obtain a birds-eye of your overall performance and scoring achieved within each activity, equipping you with the feedback you require to further your preparation for a pilot assessment.

Plus, also gain introspective on scoring achieved within activities that contribute to the development of a particular Skill.
Day-by-Day Feedback
Explore the scoring you're achieving Day-by-Day and Hour-by-Hour, accessible on all devices.

Feedback on your Score and Improvement achieved is mapped in each day of the month and additional data such as the Time you've spent preparing, the Improvement you've made and the activities undertaken each day, displayed in an Hour-by-Hour format, are provided.
Improvement Feedback
Our software displays information regarding your improvement overall and within each activity, adding further dimension to your performance feedback.

This useful and effective feedback is provided regarding improvement for a particular Day, a specific Activity and since Commencement of your usage of our software, empowering your efforts and helping to propel your preparation forward.
The Strength & Weakness Map
The Strength & Weakness Map provides a uniquely effective approach to understanding your performance, removing complex charts and text-based data from the equation and enabling visualisation of feedback data in an entirely new way.

With information displayed within a full-screen map, pannable on Smartphone and separated in to Colour-Coded sections, this never-before-seen feature provides feedback on your Score, adding context to enable comparison with competitors, displays your improvement using animated Progress Trends and offers fast interpretation of the scoring you've achieved so far.
Accessible Feedback
Whether you're comfortably using a Computer at home, an Apple iPad at a café or a Smartphone on your commute, considered development of our software ensures that you may access and interpret all aspects of your performance feedback on any device.

Plus, easily view feedback regarding your performance from within a variety of areas in our preparation software, enabling you to keep your efforts focused on preparation for your pilot assessment.
Custom Prep Strategies
Create a customised strategy to precisely focus your efforts and elevate your preparation.

Use the CoPilot Wizard to create a unique Preparation Strategy that will provide guidance and recommendations, tailored to you and your assessment.

Each strategy is unique, and identifies Activities beneficial both to your preparation for a particular assessment and to improving Weaknesses that you identify, strengthening your confidence and preparing you for your pilot assessment.

Additionally, when creating a strategy, Targets are set automatically for you to achieve prior to your assessment date, helping to push your preparation forward and boost motivation.

Use our software to establish targets to achieve, helping provide direction to your preparation.

If you'd like to reach a specific Score, achieve a defined level of Improvement or focus your preparation on an activity, or skill, for a desired amount of Time, you may use our software to set targets to achieve.

Plus, you may use the CoPilot Wizard to automatically establish realistic targets to achieve for those activities specific to your preparation, helping to reduce procrastination and improve your productivity.

Adaptive Examinations
Intelligently adjust your examinations to turn weaknesses into strengths.

Use CoPilot Mode in those activities contained within our software which provide theoretical content to tailor those questions provided to you in real-time, dependent on your ability, much in the same way that contemporary pilot aptitude tests do.

This unique functionality is particularly useful for focusing your efforts on those topics which you're finding particularly challenging or difficult to grasp, ensuring that you'll more easily be able to turn your weaknesses into strengths and effectively prepare for your pilot assessment.

Flaggable Questions
Struggling with a question? Flag it!

Bookmark challenging or intriguing questions for later review and to re-test yourself within a customised exam using the Flagged Questions functionality available for activities that simulate theoretical content, furthering your preparation.

Whether you're struggling to answer questions in Science, perplexed by complex equations in Mathematics or find application of concepts in Mechanical Reasoning particularly difficult, this feature, provided within our Theoretical Content, will help to ready you for your pilot assessment.

USB Joystick Compatibility
Start using your joystick on PC or Mac immediately with our easy plug-and-play functionality.

Our software incorporates the functionality necessary to use a joystick with our activities, negating the need to download any additional software, ensuring that your preparation can commence without delay.

Nearly all USB controllers, such as Flight Joysticks, Yokes and Rudder Pedals are compatible off-the-shelf with our software, and for those that require fine-tuning, our software will effortlessly enable you to adjust sensitivity or invert the axis of your controller from within an activity.

Plus, if you're using an Apple iPad, we provide On-Screen Joysticks within our activities that incorporate an element of hand-to-eye coordination, permitting you to interact with the activity just like a real-life joystick, enabling you to take your preparation on-the-go and expedite familiarisation.

Multi-Device Usability
Easily prepare for your pilot assessment on multiple devices.

With nothing to install, as well as extensive compatibility with a broad range of devices, our preparation software can be used on PC, Mac, iOS and Android easily.

For those more complex activities, we require only a minimum screen size of 1024 by 768 Pixels (e.g. Landscape Mode on iPad), to guarantee functionality and usability.

Therefore, whether you're comfortably using a Computer at home, an Apple iPad at a café or a Smartphone on your commute, preparation for your pilot assessment can continue uninterrupted.

And, also benefit from the following:
Day-by-Day Planner
Gain a different perspective on your preparation journey using our planner, showing those activities you've undertaken and targets set, achieved or missed, in an easy-to-read format.
Bookmarkable Activities
Easily bookmark those activities suitable for your preparation to make them easier to find, or let the CoPilot Wizard do it for you, helping you to keep your efforts and attention focused on your preparation.
Guided Tour Function
Rapidly familiarise yourself with our preparation software by engaging with a guided tour that highlights the key functionality that you'll be using to aid your preparation and fly past the competition.
Up-to-date Preparation
Prepare in confidence, knowing that our software, which is regularly updated, can support your preparation for a variety of Airline, Flying School and Cadet Scheme assessments.
One-on-One Support
Benefit from quick, considered and empathetic one-on-one support, provided via WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Chat or Email, ensuring that you can get the most out of your preparation.
Instant Activation
Purchase our preparation software using credit or debit card, establish your login credentials and gain immediate access, ensuring that you can start preparing for your assessment as fast as possible.
Just one subscription is all you need to access preparation for 100+ assessments!