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Established in 2011, our preparation software started from humble beginnings, helping to aid pilots in their preparation for the computerised pilot aptitude tests of the era. Fast-forward to 2024 and our software has grown considerably, having helped over 30,000 pilots, from 75 different countries, prepare for hundreds of different assessments over a period of thirteen years.
2011 The launch of
Our story starts in late 2011, with the release of our preparation software.

Accessible online, and for a small fee, this never-before-seen software paves the way for thousands of aspiring and experienced pilots to prepare for their PILAPT and COMPASS assessments using just a web browser.
Notable Achievements becomes the first-ever preparation software to enable pilot candidates to prepare for their PILAPT and COMPASS assessments, fast gaining a reputation as the go-to software to use prior to assessment with an airline or flying school.
The new software enables pilot candidates to interact with our programs using their USB joysticks and to simulate realistic assessment environments, representative of the computerised pilot aptitude tests of the era, within their web browser.
A variety of programs are made available, as well as databases of mathematical, scientific and verbal reasoning questions, which effectively and accurately emulate the style of questioning posed, helping pilot candidates to solidify their preparation.
Our first motto, which helps our passion take flight, is used: Designed by the pilots of today, used by the pilots of tomorrow.
2016/7 It's time for an upgrade!
Building on the roaring success of the first version of the preparation software which helped thousands of pilot candidates to pass their assessments, the software benefits from a variety of major upgrades in 2016/7.

These upgrades include the introduction of a freely-accessible Knowledgebase, in-depth enhancements to our scoring system, an extensive overhaul of our user interface and the development of a variety of proprietary programs which would help pilot candidates to improve those skills assessed in many different types of computerised pilot aptitude tests.
Notable Achievements introduces a Knowledgebase, an innovative and never-before-seen library of information which provides detail of computerised pilot aptitude tests undertaken at hundreds of different airlines and flying schools, and provides recommendations on how to prepare for them. This feature is made freely available, helping to support the aviation community.
In-depth enhancements are made to the scoring system, enabling pilot candidates to compare their performance against others, just as computerised pilot aptitude tests do. This industry-first feature, which is now copied by many other preparation websites (we're flattered!), enables candidates to better gauge the progress of their preparation and chances of success.
The user interface is overhauled, enabling easier navigation of our preparation software and permitting our preparation software to be used on a smartphone for the first time.
A variety of proprietary programs are developed, replicating the methods, mechanisms and environments of computerised pilot aptitude tests. These unique programs help pilot candidates to approach preparation from a different and novel perspective, improving skills, rather than limiting themselves to learning the elements of a particular test in isolation.
Our databases of mathematical, scientific and verbal reasoning questions are expanded, and are also joined by databases containing questioning on numerical reasoning, technical reasoning and differing styles of verbal reasoning particular to contemporary computerised pilot aptitude testing such as Aon/Cut-e.
An additional motto, re-enforcing our passion, is used: The best way to prepare for your Pilot Aptitude Test.
2024 Breaking the Sound Barrier
With development spanning three years, rather than the fourteen required for Concorde to be designed, built and to reach Mach 2, the preparation software undergoes a radical rebuild from the ground-up. This rebuild, which is undertaken with consideration, precision and passion, and using knowledge and insight gained over a 10 year period, results in the development of a brand-new preparation software.

The new preparation software, unmatchable by any currently-available preparation software, incorporates over one-hundred different programs, cutting-edge functionality and major improvements which benefit both aspiring and experienced pilot candidates. This ensures that continues to remain the best way to prepare for a computerised pilot aptitude test.
Notable Achievements introduces over 100 new programs, built from scratch, to help pilot candidates prepare for contemporary computerised pilot aptitude tests such as Aon/Cut-e, DLR, COMPASS, Advanced COMPASS, ADAPT and PILAPT, as well as assessments that utilise SHL and TalentQ test batteries.
Additional one-of-a-kind features such as Training Modes, Explainer Videos, Visual Walkthroughs and extensive User Guides are provided for each activity, helping pilot candidates to gain absolute insight into and understanding of the contemporary computerised pilot aptitude tests that they'll undertake at airline and flying school assessments in a way never-before-possible.
The CoPilot Wizard is introduced, enabling pilot candidates to create customised Preparation Strategies specific to their circumstances, to identify appropriate programs to be used and to establish targets to be achieved prior to their assessment date.
Predictive scoring is incorporated for the first time, helping pilot candidates to discover their future scoring, gauge their progress and pace of preparation. This functionality is complimented by a Strength & Weakness Map, permitting pilot candidates to gain a different perspective on their performance.
Standardised and easy-to-understand scoring, which benefits from colour-coding and other additional performance indicators, is developed. This scoring provides greater feedback to pilot candidates, going above and beyond the overly-simplistic 'Stanine Graph' scoring system shown in other preparation software and building upon our comparative-scoring system, first introduced in 2016.
Adaptive and customisable programs which display theoretical content are introduced, permitting pilot candidates to take a more considered and precise approach to their preparation with adaptive functionality enabling a focus on particularly troublesome questions.
Our databases of mathematical, scientific, verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning questions undergo a complete overhaul, ballooning to over 3,000 questions in size. Explanations are expanded in breadth and depth, and separate databases are developed specific to each particular contemporary computerised pilot aptitude test. The databases are joined by questions on Mechanical Reasoning and ATPL Knowledge.
Plug-and-play USB joystick compatibility is introduced, negating the need for any additional software to be installed to enable usage of joysticks.
A Guided Tour is incorporated, helping pilot candidates to learn of the functionalities of the preparation software quickly, helping to ensure that their time can be spent on preparing, rather than learning how to use the software.
All aspects of the new preparation software are made to be fully compatible with the Apple iPad and other tablet devices, ensuring that pilot candidates may continue preparation on-the-go. Virtual joysticks are incorporated to enable simulation of programs which necessitate a joystick, when using iPad.
In a nod to the international clients of, programs which help to improve English Language and which replicate the assessment of this skill in computerised pilot aptitude tests are introduced.
The pricing structure to access the preparation software is simplified, enabling pilot candidates to access all features of the software, irrespective of the duration of access chosen.
Our support offering is overhauled, providing quick, considered and empathetic one-on-one support via WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Chat and Email from 9AM to 9PM GMT, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

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