The Complete Airline Pilot Interview E-Workbook

by Sasha Robinson
This work book from Flightdeck Consulting covers every aspect of the modern airline pilot interview!
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This unique, fully interactive downloadable e-workbook will arm you with all the necessary skills to succeed at your all important job interview.

From a phone interview through to both behavioral and technical questions, this e-workbook will guide and prepare you for your all important airline interview. The structure and delivery of your answers is essential to portray a confident and competent team member in your interview.

This e-workbook will guide you on how to structure your answers and, in your own words, deliver them in a clear, concise and professional manner. Sample answers are given as a guide.

Sasha Robinson, The author of “The Complete Airline Pilot Interview Work Book” is an experienced international airline pilot having flown thousands of hours around the globe in the Airbus A330 & A340. Sasha also holds a Bachelor Of Science Degree majoring in Aviation from The Newcastle University and has assisted the aircrew recruitment department of a major international airline and is the principal interview consultant at Flightdeck Consulting. Her combined knowledge and experience of airline pilot recruitment has enabled her to produce this essential e-workbook for all aspiring airline pilots.

What we think…
We recommend any pilot, ab-initio or experienced, who is unfamiliar with the conduct of an airline interview to read this material. The e-workbook is provided in downloadable format and is delivered within 24 hours directly to your email inbox ensuring that you are able to start familiarising yourself immediately.
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