Perfecting your JoyToKey Configuration
In certain circumstances, you may find that your joystick does not respond as you anticipate to our activities when using the JoyToKey application. This is due to the method by which your joystick makes inputs to your computer and is not an error with your computer or software.
To remedy this, you may adjust your configuration to accomodate for this:
Step 1
Open JoyToKey, ensuring that the 'PAT Profile' is shown and selected (highlighted blue) in the left window of the program.
Step 2
Identify the input device you wish to configure (typically listed as Joystick 1).
Step 3
Then, identify each of the control inputs that require modification.

Note: The four control inputs requiring modification are normally shown as a series of arrows (↑, ↓, → and ←) and may be prefixed with 'Stick 1'.
Step 4
Double-click one of these control inputs. Doing so will display an 'Assignment' window. Within the 'Assignment' window, navigate to the 'Auto Repeat and Toggle' section.
Step 5
Tick the ‘Auto Repeat’ box, and enter ‘30’ in the ‘times per second’ box, then click ‘OK’ in the bottom right corner to exit and return to the main JoyToKey window.

Note: The value that you insert in to the 'Auto Repeat' box affects the speed of a given motion when the joystick commands an input. Accepted values are between 1 and 30. The higher the value, the greater the motion when an input is made. As a default setting for PAT, we have elected to choose the greatest possible value.
Step 6
Complete the above procedure for each entry prefixed with ‘Stick1’ in the main JoyToKey window.

Note: On completion of configuration for the appropriate entries, the 'Auto' column in your main JoyToKey window should be shown as below (e.g. '1/30'). If you have entered a value other than '30', this will be displayed here, rather than '30'.
Step 7
Return to using our activities to prepare for your computerised pilot aptitude test!

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