Using A Joystick With PC
To get the most out of our preparation programme, we recommend using a joystick with compatible psychomotor activities. All psychomotor activities at airlines, flying schools, military institutions and aviation recruitment agencies conduct psychomotor assessments with the use of input devices, ranging from mice and keyboards, to joysticks and pedals.
JoyToKey is a third-party application for PC that will enable you to use a joystick with our activities.
Install JoyToKey For PC
Step 1
Once downloaded, extract (or unzip) the 'JoyToKey' folder. Ensure all items within the 'JoyToKey_en' folder are extracted and remain within this folder.

Unsure how to unzip the JoyToKey application? Read this link.

Note: Do not remove the JoyToKey application from the 'JoyToKey_en' folder.

Progress to Step 2.
Step 2
Next, connect your joystick to your PC and launch the JoyToKey application. PAT Profile will load as default, ensure it is shown and selected (highlighted blue) in the left window of the program as shown in the image below.

If PAT Profile is not shown, then the file PAT_Profile.cfg is not present within the same folder as the JoyToKey application. Check file is present. If file PAT_Profile.cfg is present, restart computer and relaunch JoyToKey application.

Note: JoyToKey may request that you purchase a licence key to continue using this software. You may disregard and dismiss this message. A licence key is not required.

Progress to Step 3.
Step 3
If connected correctly, the Joystick 1 tab will highlight yellow, check that the 'Button' and 'Function' columns within the program correspond as shown in the image above.

Note: If 'Button' and/or 'Function' columns are not populated as expected, follow the 'Bulk assignment wizard' which can be reached by clicking the corresponding button at the bottom of the program.

If columns are populated as expected, you may commence using a joystick with our psychomotor activities.

Note: Ensure JoyToKey continues running (it may be minimised but do not close) whilst using any compatible activity.

Our PAT Profile configuration will load by default, but if you wish to change the sensitivity, please refer to the Options tab within JoyToKey.