Mental Math for Pilots

by Ronald D. McElroy
Contains numerous invaluable Tips and Tricks to help you in all areas of cockpit calculations!

If (like many!) you struggle a bit with math, or, if you are simply looking for a way to improve your math skills in the cockpit, then ‘Mental Math for Pilots’ is a must read!

Whether you are gearing up for that coveted pilot interview, preparing for a checkride or proficiency check, or simply want to improve your inflight calculations performance, author Ron McElroy offers numerous invaluable tips and tricks to help you in all areas of cockpit calculations. Sharpen your math skills for the interview as well as for the cockpit, with these instructions for figuring math problems in your head without paper or electronic calculator.

Quick recall and retention aids are provided for calculating temperature conversions, crosswind components, time-speed-distance problems, reciprocal headings, visual descent points and many, many more. Complex equations are explained in straightforward terms along with helpful tips, calculations and formulas to sharpen math skills and mentally keep you ahead of the game.

What we think…
Many contemporary airline assessments incorporate the examination of your ability to calculate a plethora of common equations and this book is an ideal companion to our online preparation software. Whether you’re preparing for a computerised aptitude test or struggle with rapid calculations in the flightdeck, this book is an absolute must for any pilots’ flight bag.

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