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Flynas is an international and domestic low-cost airline based in Saudi Arabia. It is the country’s first and only low-cost airline with a fleet of 27 Airbus A320-200s providing services to 23 destinations. Flynas has previously utilised computerised pilot aptitude tests during the assessment of experienced (direct-entry) pilots for recruitment in to the airline.

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Preparation Advice (as of August 2022)

All pilot aptitude tests aim to assess the same key core skills required to complete pilot training successfully and/or operate an aircraft competently. The assessment of skills such as multi-tasking, spatial awareness, memory capacity, hand-to-eye coordination and mental arithmetic cannot necessarily be assessed within one test and therefore a pilot aptitude test is commonly separated in to a collection of tests, organised in to a battery and completed by the candidate in one sitting. The candidate is commonly provided with two attempts in which to complete this battery, enabling assessors to analyse improvement shown by the candidate.

Flynas has previously utilised a computerised pilot aptitude test in the assessment of cadet, low-hour and experienced (direct-entry) pilots for recruitment in to the airline. We are aware that ATPL knowledge has also previously briefly been assessed by FlyNAS during the recruitment of experienced pilots.

Currently, Flynas are inviting candidates to assessment and providing an overview of which competencies (or skills) will be assessed within the individual, however, no further detail is provided.

We have analysed and broken down the text provided by Flynas to help candidates to understand how they will be assessed, and to provide direction on the best activities to use within our preparation platform:

“Conceptualizing objects in three dimensions and make inferences about those items based on a limited amount of information.”
This is the asssessment of Spatial Awareness and Spatial Transformation. Activities suitable for this are: ‘Visual Reasoning’ 1 to 4, ‘Bearings’, ‘Orientation’, ‘Perspectives’ and ‘Aspects’
“Manipulating and working with numbers accurately and fast.”
This is the assessment of Mental Arithmetic and Numerical Reasoning. Activities suitable for this are: ‘Numerical Reasoning’ 1 to 8 and ‘Maths’ (Easy, Medium and Hard)
“Defining an issue, figuring out its source, listing, ranking, and choosing potential solutions, then putting a solution into practice.”
This is the assessment of Decision Making and Information Processing. Activities suitable for this are: ‘Grid’, ‘Adjust’ and ‘Memory’
“Completing tasks in in accordance to a set of rules and procedures.”
This is the assessment of Reasoning and Logic. Activities suitable for this are: ‘Stroop’, ‘Adjust’, ‘Align’ and ‘Grid’
“The capacity to concentrate while performing a task on both the little and major elements.”
This is the assessment of Multi-Tasking. Activities suitable for this are: ‘MultiTasker’, ‘Adjust’, ‘Control’, ‘Guidance’ and ‘Align’

The online preparation software provided by will provide great benefit to candidates attending an assessment at Flynas. also provides a database of ATPL questions at additional cost to subscribers which Flynas candidates may find beneficial.

It should be noted that since our inception in 2012, a number of Flynas candidates have used the online preparation software provided by

Activities suitable for Flynas Preparation

We recommend using the content shown below in coordination with our Online Preparation Planners to tailor your preparation specifically for the Flynas pilot assessment.

A Super Plus Subscription can be purchased instantly online and will provide access to the content shown below:

Visual Reasoning 2
Visual Reasoning 2 requires the candidate to identify a pattern and route from a collection of images by selecting from four available options.
Visual Reasoning 4
Visual Reasoning 4 presents four images each containing numerous scrambled lines and tasks the candidate with identifying which image hides a shape within.
Visual Reasoning 3
Visual Reasoning 3 presents cube nets with each panel containing a symbol. Candidate must identify which cube net relates to the three-dimensional cube.
Encompassing multiple tasks in to one activity, MultiTasker assesses and enhances candidate ability in multi-tasking, hand-to-eye coordination and selective attention
Mental Mathematics
Our mathematics database, organised in to easy, medium and hard difficulties, accurately mimics the questions posed in a large majority of pilot aptitude tests.
Control assesses and enhances candidate ability in hand-to-eye coordination and selective attention using multiple control axes and visual cues.
Perspectives assesses and enhances spatial awareness, tasking the candidate with matching sets of multicoloured cylinders orientated in to different perspectives.
Bearings assesses user understanding of their position in physical space, known as spatial awareness, using common flight instruments.
A challenging activity, Adjust assesses multi-tasking, spatial awareness, hand-to-eye coordination, selective attention and mental mathematic skills.
Orientation assesses spatial awareness and selective attention skills, by tasking candidates with identifying friend or foe aircraft.
Rectangular grid containing a variety of different coloured shapes. The candidate must examine the grid and determine which shape does not represent the provided values.
Multi-tasking activity with three different activities which must be monitored and successfully completed simultaneously. Horizontal and vertical control mode are provided for practice.
Tasking the candidate with controlling multiple intermittently changing datums, Guidance assesses and enhances selective attention and hand-to-eye coordination skills.
Memory assesses selective attention and memory capacity skills, tasking the candidate with efficiently memorising and inputting four sets of data repeatedly.
Mimicking tasks within a jet aircraft, Aspects assesses and enhances candidate ability in spatial awareness by incorporating aural statements and visual imagery.
The Stroop test requires individuals to view a list of words that are printed in a different color than the meaning of the word.

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