Key Facts on ATPL Exams (Vol 1)

Covering Human Performance & Limitations, Air Law & ATC Procedures, Operational Procedures, Meteorology, and VFR & IFR Communications

This essential guide to the EASA Part-FCL ATPL exams covers the key facts that you should know for Principles of Flight, Performance, General Navigation, Flight Planning & Monitoring, Mass & Balance. These books are unique and employ a question – answer – challenge – response style of text.

These books are produced in A5 spiral-bound format with space for your own notes and will enable you to question yourself and enable even a person untrained in the subject to question you, assisting your retention of the key facts.

What we think…
The unique question – answer – challenge – response style of the text within this book makes it an ideal purchase for experienced pilot candidates attending interview with an airline where knowledge on technical competence and ATPL studies are asked in interviews.

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