Airline & Flying School Assessment Preparation Day Course

by AviationShake
Day Courses held at Gatwick and Heathrow in the UK every month!
Full Day Course taught by Airline Pilots and Recruiters

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This whole-day course is provided by AviationShake. The course is designed by current airline recruiters and current airline pilots to help you understand the pilot and cadet recruitment process. This will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed at your next assessment.

AviationShake offers recruitment preparation courses and one to one sessions for aspiring and current pilots. They comprise human resourcing specialists, current airline pilots, trainers and recruiters who have trained and recruitment hundreds of pilots for airlines worldwide.

In one day, either at Heathrow or Gatwick airport, this course will cover:

  • How to impress recruiters in the first 60 seconds
  • NOTECH’s and CRM – what airlines are looking for?
  • Airline recruitment processes – what skills are assessed?
  • Computerised Pilot Aptitude Testing
  • Group exercises with Feedback
  • Pilot Interview practice with Feedback
  • Airline operations and how Pilots can contribute
  • Common HR pilot interview questions
  • How to structure answers to competency-based questions
  • Understanding the pilot job, challenges and skills required

During the day you will also receive a folder with all the information covered during the course, the day is an engaging mix of seminar sessions and practical interview and group assessment practice.

This day course comprises engagement with, practice in and learning of the following aspects:

Pilot Competencies
Are you aware of the standards of behaviour expected of airline pilots? Learn about the non-technical skills that are required from all pilots.

The Day-to-day Job
An understanding of airline operations can make a huge difference in your employability. Learn what teams a pilots interacts with daily and how pilots can impact the operation and customer service.

The Power of Introductions
Learn the best way to answer “Tell me about yourself”, introduce yourself with confidence and set the right tone in your interview.

Transferable Skills
Not sure if you have the right skills for a pilot role? You may not be making the most of your transferable skills. Learn to recognise and display the skills that airline recruiters will want to see.

Competency Based Interviews
Recruiters look for evidence of pilot competencies by asking behavioral questions. Learn techniques and structures to help you answer these with confidence.

Group Assessments
Designed to test your ability to work with others effectively. What to expect and what is assessed? Practice on the course and get real feedback on you performance.

Unique Selling Points
What can make you stand out from the crowd? How do you get across what makes you different? Learn about USPs and how they can help you win a pilot role.

Passion and Motivation
What have you done so far to realise your dream of becoming a pilot? How can you present this in the best possible way?

This course in particular has helped candidates successfully pass interviews with CTC Aviation, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, FTE Jerez, Flybe, British Airways Direct Entry, British Airways Future Pilot Programme, Ryanair, Jet2, Aer Lingus, Wizz Air, Thomson, Thomas Cook, BA CityFlyer, Virgin, Emirates, easyJet MPL Programme, Norwegian Direct Entry, Monarch and many more.

How do I book?

This one-day course is held at Heathrow or Gatwick airport throughout the year, with courses being held once a month.

Spaces are limited on this over-subscribed course – to book, purchase below and you will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm your place on the next available course.

If you have any questions about this course, please call us on +44 (0)20 313 797 64.

What we think…
This day-course provided by AviationShake is a brilliant eye-opener for pilots fresh out of flying school, arming you with the skills and knowledge you require to win at interview. With courses held at Gatwick or Heathrow airport once a month, this course is over-subscribed for a reason!
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